BethBC Graduates Collect School Bags for Needy Students

Last month, a group of Bethlehem Bible College graduates collected school bags and distributed them to needy students in nearby villages.

Berta Shomali, a Biblical Studies graduate of BethBC, shared with us, “As usual, my friends, Ghaida Rishmawi, Ala Khair and I met together, and during our conversation we suggested to brainstorm about something that we can do to serve others – something we learned during our years of studying at the college. We came up with several suggestions of outreaches we could do. Among them was the idea of ​​distributing school bags to needy students. There are some children from nearby villages who do not have school bags, and they carry their school books in plastic bags.”

Berta added: “We thought a lot about how we can collect used school bags, and where to start from. Before we took any steps, we decided to pray to the Lord Jesus to intervene and help us. The three of us prayed, and then decided to print flyers to hand out to people in Bethlehem. The flyer asked that those who had school bags in good condition to communicate with us. We have also allocated a place where we can receive the bags. Indeed, the Lord Jesus blessed us, and opened the doors. We did not believe the amount of communication and messages we received from people who wanted to help. Within a week, we collected about 60 bags, which we washed and then distributed. We cannot describe the students’ joy by receiving these bags. We remembered the Lord’s Word in Galatians 6:9: ‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’”

These are the values that, we, at Bethlehem Bible College, seek to instill in the hearts of our students; to reach out to the marginalized and needy groups, and to embody Christ in our actions and love for His people. How proud we are to see them graduate and leave the college to serve the community with such passion. We ask the Lord to bless them and open doors before them, so that they may be light and salt in our land and society.