“A Pot in His Hand” Women’s Ministry Welcomes the New Year with a Special Event!

“A Pot in His Hand,” the Women’s Ministry of Bethlehem Bible College, welcomed the New Year in a special event with a large group of women from Bethlehem area and Jerusalem.

The evening was opened by the worship leader Nizar Francis with a bouquet of songs of worship and praise. He was followed by Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, president of Bethlehem Bible College, on the piano. The women enjoyed the chanting and melodies of Nizar, who shared a little of his personal testimony – how God changed his life, and how he chose to devote his life, talent, and voice to the Lord.

Mrs. Madleine Sara, the founder of “A Pot in His Hand” Ministry, shared a sermon of how God began the Old Testament with Eve, who sinned, and then God also started the New Testament, the era of grace, salvation, and forgiveness with a woman, who was the Virgin Mary. She noted how God has historically chosen courageous and powerful women to change history. As such, we can change history, through our relationship with the Lord Jesus, which affects the lives of other women through the completion of God’s call on our life.

Every woman should have an obedient heart and bear the consequences of her obedience, just like Mary did, who obeyed the voice of the Lord and defied society and its customs when the angel told her she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit. She did not care about the words of people and society, because the message was from the Highest One.

Madleine concluded that as women our eyes should be focused on God, through our relationship with Him, through our reading of the Word, and through our healthy relationships. She emphasized that in the life of every woman there should be a spiritual mentor, to support and pray for her in her life, just like Elisabeth was there for the Virgin Mary.

In addition to large group meetings, “A Pot in His Hand” is a counseling and guidance ministry for women, founded by Mrs. Madeline Sara, a guidance specialist and Christian counselor. The ministry provides a number of activities including awareness and educational sessions, individual counseling sessions, and monthly educational lectures.