Meet Our Newest Senior Leadership Team Member: Jihan Twemeh Nazzal

Meet Our Newest Senior Leadership Team Member: Jihan Twemeh Nazzal

Meet Our Newest Senior Leadership Team Member: Jihan Twemeh Nazzal

Four months ago, God blessed us with a new Senior Leadership member. It didn’t take much time to realize that she is the kind of leader that you genuinely want to make proud; the kind that you want to go the extra mile for!

Jihan Twemeh Nazzal is our newest amazing addition to the College. Jihan is married to Wael and they have two children, Basel (18 years old) and Marianne (13 years old). Jihan finished high school at St. Joseph School in Bethlehem, got her BA degree in Business Administration from Bethlehem University, and has an MA degree from the University of Maryland (USA) in Human Development. Now she is preparing for her Doctorate in Human Science from the University of Maryland as well. Jihan worked for 20 years in the YMCA in Palestine. While she held several different positions, her last position was the Head of Human Resources.

Moving to BethBC

Four months ago Jihan joined our family at Bethlehem Bible College as the Director of Administration, the Financial Manager, and the Human Resources Manager.

When I asked her why she chose BethBC, she said:

“It was God who chose this position for me! When I left the YMCA, I didn’t want to work at all in any organization. I have an international license as an international trainer, so I wanted to open my own business, a center for human development. I had many job offers from different organizations, but I refused them all. When I heard about the job at BethBC, something inside me moved. It is my passion and I have heard a lot of amazing things about the Bible College, so I thought, why not? I came to the interview and got the job.”

Jihan added that what makes BethBC different from other places is the atmosphere and the family spirit among the staff and leadership:

“The Bible College has a good reputation internationally and locally, and it has an amazing mission. It is very important for me to contribute in the mission of the place I work! I don’t fit in a bank, for example, or in a for-profit organization. I want to be part of the bigger vision and mission of the organization I work in”!

As I said, Jihan is the kind of leader you want to go the extra mile for. She is the smiling kind of leader, the humble kind, the kind you love to come work with, the kind you want to be extra professional for!

Our staff and faculty expressed their grateful hearts toward Jihan. As I interviewed some of them they said that good change is starting, and that Jihan brings a beautiful spirit to the College.

  • Dr. Jack Sara, the president of the College, said that Jihan is an amazing addition to our senior staff. She adds a lot of value to our organization, and certainly her expertise, her heart and her love for the Lord gives a new boost to our staff capacity.
  • Claude Juha (Community Training Dept.) said that Jihan’s 20 years’ experience in HR and administration is a benefit for the College. She added that Jihan is very close to our hearts, she recognizes the needs of the staff and she feels with us.
  • Areej Masoud’s (Development & Communications Dept.) point was very important. She said, “Most of the staff at the College are women, so she can understand us more. It is so good to see a very qualified woman in such a position, because it is very rare here in Palestine. That’s what I like about BethBC – that it gives women the opportunity to lead! She is very professional, and I see a bright future for the College with her!”
  • Saleem Anfous and Flora Khoury (Communications Dept.) mentioned that Jihan takes the opinions of the staff as her priority, and that she cares about the small details, such as bringing us small gifts on our birthdays.
  • Inaam Awwad and Razan Kutlo (Academic Office) agreed on that she is a very special person, close to our hearts. She gives us energy to work and to love our jobs. Razan added, “She has a team spirit; she hears and she acts!”

Jihan has big plans for the College, taking us to higher places by investing in the employee. She believes that if we invest in the employee, we achieve the goals of the organization, and that’s her goal for the future!

We thank Jihan for the amazing leader she is, and we pray for wisdom from our Lord to fill her life, so she can accomplish her goals and bring us and the College to a better place!