Bethlehem Bible College: Salt and Light in the Land!

Bethlehem Bible College: Salt and Light in the Land!

Bethlehem Bible College: Salt and Light in the Land!

In the time where it is becoming very difficult to live and survive, Bethlehem Bible College remains steadfast in being the salt and light of the land!

For those who know us, we thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. For those who don’t, please take a moment to know more about our mission and goals. Here is a small description about us with an update about our students!

Bethlehem Bible College exists to train people to serve Christ in the world, advocate a Palestinian evangelical perspective and model Christ through community development.

In 1979, Dr. Bishara Awad, who was a school principal at that time, saw many of his students travel abroad to continue their theological education—and many never returned. Life in Palestine was difficult. The Christian population was shrinking. Would this ancient Christian community in the Holy Land disappear altogether? A dream began to grow in his heart: an evangelical, inter-denominational Bible college in Palestine, where students could study and serve in their native land. And that’s how the College started, with a small idea and a very big faith.

Today, Bethlehem Bible College is a flourishing college with a BA Program in Biblical Studies and Christian Education, a MA Program in Christian Leadership and Ministry, and Diploma Programs in Tour Guiding and Media Studies, which are accredited through MEATE (Middle East Association for Theological Education), the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and several international theological associations.

In the Biblical Studies Program, we have 23 students, and the MA in Christian Leadership has 10 students. For the Tour Guide Program, we have 16 students, and in the Mass Media program, we have 7 students. We are also very happy to have the Online Diploma Program, which is comprised of 50 students from all over the world who have a hunger to study the Word of God, but can’t due to the difficulties they face living in restricted countries. We help give them the opportunities to study the Bible from their homes!

Bethlehem Bible College has two other branches, one in Galilee and one in Gaza. In Gaza we have two students, but to study in Gaza is not easy. Teaching is in modular form with short periods of intensive study when lecturers visit. Skype, internet communication and e-learning are also used to teach and facilitate classes. Life is not easy in Gaza – electricity is intermittent and rarely available for more than eight hours a day. Gas for heating and cooking as well as all forms of fuel are in short supply and expensive. Additionally, there is always the fear of conflict. Needless to say, it’s not exactly a conducive learning environment. So, we are very proud of those two students!

With a team of highly qualified local faculty and staff, Bethlehem Bible College has come a long way in preparing educated Christian Palestinian leaders who are serving their local communities. As the President Emeritus, Bishara Awad, would say, “the Church is now awake” in Palestine, and BethBC plays a vital role in serving its needs in the face of numerous political and social pressures.