Celebrate Your Life: A Pot in His Hand’s 11th Magazine Issue!

The women’s ministry team of Bethlehem Bible College has been working very hard for months to produce the 11th issue of “A Pot in His Hand” ministry magazine.
“The content of this magazine is about joy and its importance in our lives. Happiness is a unique state in which hope, vitality, activity, optimism and all the emotions that elevate our behavior and relationships reflect a state of harmony with the outside world we live in.
Dr. Madleine added: “Why wait for certain occasions to steal moments of joy? Why don’t we feel the value of the blessings that the Lord has given us? Why plunge into a spiral of anxiety? Why do we turn our present and our future into concerns that disturb our lives?”
Dr. Madleine also said in her opening letter of the magazine that it is because of our need for joy that she decided to dedicate this issue of the magazine to search for the elements of joy that we possess, but that we often ignore. It is because we have left what is in our possession and look toward what others have, that we have limited ourselves of the divine presence in our lives. Because the vacuum inside us is beyond the material, it longs for the nourishment of the soul, the Healer and the Maker of Hope. For all these moral and spiritual issues, our prayers must be genuine and emanate from the heart of a believer away from the anesthetic doses of superficial prayers and short visits to church.
This issue has rich stories of strong women who overcame their situations and chose joy and life despite everything. It has different articles about joy in raising kids, joy in our relations with others and God.
“Remember the words of Paul about joy in prison (Philippians 4: 4). Consider David, who danced in front of the Ark of the Lord (2 Samuel 6: 14,16). From this point of view, we raise the state of celebration as part of mature spirituality. The ability of man to control his mind with what he possesses and what is missing is a divine grace that balances our life.”  -Dr. Madleine.
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