Leap of Faith

It’s true that every journey begins with a single step. The origins of BethBC in 1979 were followed by years of faithful steps in service, and we wanted to highlight the insights from one of our previous leaders that served at BethBC. Reverend Alex Awad and his wife Brenda served off and on at BethBC for over 30 years. He served as the Dean of Students at BethBC in addition to being the first Arabic-speaking lecturer at the College.

Rev. Awad recalls his brother’s (Dr. Bishara Awad) request for him and his wife Brenda to consider moving from the United States back to Bethlehem to help get the College started. Having planned to continue in a career in education in the States, they prayerfully considered the move, and felt the Holy Spirit telling them to “Leave everything, and go.” That’s just what they did. They took a leap of faith and became integral parts to both the beginning and the continuation of BethBC.

Rev. Alex became the first Arabic-speaking lecturer at the College and was also involved with the Shepherd Society. He stated, “During these years, we became witnesses of God’s favor and blessings upon the College. Against all political, religious and financial obstacles, students registered and learned God’s Word and how to serve people; the poor and ill came and were given food and medicine. International visitors came from around the world and learned the truth about the political/theological challenges of the Christian communities of the Holy Land. What blessed us the most was when we witnessed our students, not only graduate from BBC, but become leaders in the Church and community.”

He continued by saying, “We are also confident that the seeds that are being planted today through the various ministries of Bethlehem Bible College will bless many people in the Holy Land and around the world.”

This account from Rev. Awad and his wife Brenda stand as a testament to the ongoing journey of faithfulness of BethBC over the past 40 years. With willingness to step into an uncertain situation, their service helped to cultivate a community where both locals and internationals have the opportunity to encounter Jesus and his teachings in the very land He taught them. At BethBC, we anticipate many more years of walking in the footsteps of Jesus and being challenged to live everyday as citizens of the kingdom of God.