BethBC Student Seminars 2019

BethBC Student Seminars 2019

BethBC Student Seminars 2019

Our 4th year students presented their seminar graduation projects before their graduation in June. The faculty and leadership were impressed with their diligence in presenting on a variety of different topics.

Hagar: A New Reading

Adham Al-Araj’s supervisor was Professor Daniel Bannoura. They both did an amazing job presenting the topic Adham chose: “Hagar and Social Justice; A New Reading in the Palestinian Christian Context.”

Adham said that he chose this specific topic because of “the unjust way the Church throughout history saw Hagar.” He added, “Hagar and Ishmael were associated with the Arabs (and the Palestinians in particular), and now some Christian and Jewish communities are using Hagar’s story to spread a demonic and colonial-racist theology that justifies the occupation and injustice we live in. Some of the Palestinian Christians are adopting the idea that Arabs are the children of Ishmael, and therefore they have to submit to the Jews to receive blessing.”

In his discussion, Adham read the story of Hagar in a different way, unlike the traditional reading based solely on Abraham and Sara. “Hagar is a socially oppressed woman, and I will defend her.”

Christian Education in Bethlehem

Miral Hazboun’s seminar focused on schools and students. Her topic was entitled: “Methods of Teaching Children the Christian Faith for Students in Primary Schools in the Bethlehem Area.”  Professor Bahjat Khader helped her put together her project, and she also did a good job presenting it.

“I chose this subject because I am convinced that education highlights its importance in the stages of childhood. We, as parents and teachers, bear the responsibility of giving the children the right teaching, which is reflected in the development of their personality, their principles and their interaction with society when they grow up. Education in the early stages is the basis of culture, good behavior and principles.”

Miral discussed the reasons why teachers should teach the children the Christian faith, and she also presented ways and thoughts on how to teach them in creative ways that they love and understand.

Paul’s Letters: An Analysis

Kassandra Al-Masou’s seminar was purely biblical. Her supervisor was also Professor Daniel Bannoura, and she focused on the apostle Paul in her project, which was entitled: “Paul’s Letters: An Analysis of Paul’s Methods in the Book of Acts.”

In her presentation, she analyzed Paul’s interactions with Jews and Gentiles, the difference between them, and the common methods Paul used with both groups.

Historical Survey of Palestine: Pact of Umar

Jane Mansour’s topic was interesting as well. Her’s was entitled: “A Study of the Relationship of Ruling Islam and Christianity in the East,” and her supervisor was Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, our academic dean.

“The aim of this research was to conduct a quick historical survey of Palestine from a Christian perspective.” Jane focused on the Pact of Umar, an apocryphal treaty between the Muslims and the Christians of Palestine. She talked about the text of the document and the duties of it towards Christians.

Theology and Evil

Khalil Sayegh’s topic was entitled: “Theological Views in the Problem of Evil.” His supervisor was Mrs. Shireen Hilal. Khalil discussed the origin of evil; he answered the important question: “Did God create evil?” and “How does God allow evil?” He then debated two different views of evil. First, “An Essential Kenosis View,” and the “Middle Knowledge View.”

Women in the Palestinian Traditional Church

Samia Hazboun and Professor Yousef Khoury did an amazing job presenting about women in the traditional church in Palestine. Samia’s project was entitled: “Reasons for Determining the Role of Women in the Orthodox and Catholic Church in Palestine.” Samia took us on a journey from the times of the Old Testament, New Testament, Paul, the fathers of the church all the way until now, and how each era treated women, and the ministry of women in the church.

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We are very proud of our students for working so hard on such unique and diverse topics, and we pray for their future as they leave us this June. May they be faithful workers laboring for the Lord!

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