Hebrew Diploma Program Added to BethBC Courses

Bethlehem Bible College has recently added a new professional diploma program in the Hebrew language for our community.

The program is recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and it aims to prepare and equip those who take the course to impact the wide segment of Palestinian society that deals with Hebrew. This is especially for people whose daily economic and professional activity is related to the Hebrew language. Additionally, this will help students prepare for their studies at universities that require students to be fluent in Hebrew.

The program also aims to help Palestinian tour guides master Hebrew, which is considered a practical language in their field. Therefore, BethBC decided to apply for accreditation of a professional program specialized in Hebrew, which seeks to develop the capabilities of this segment of our Palestinian society through specialists in the field of teaching.

Our community training coordinator, Mrs. Claude Ziedan Juha, worked hard to prepare this program, starting from coordinating with teachers, curriculum, and getting the recognition from the Palestinian Ministry of Education. God rewarded our hard work!

This is a one-year program comprised of three semesters: fall, spring, and summer. By the end of the program, students will be competent in the basics of Hebrew in reading, writing and speaking. They will have the ability to understand technology in professional work, deal with different areas of work and situations that require reading, writing and speaking in Hebrew, and of course obtaining a professional diploma in Hebrew.

The first semester just started last week, and we have 30 students of different ages, cities, and professions that came under our roof to learn Hebrew. We are so overwhelmed and proud of all the developments that the College is achieving, and we are looking forward to adding more programs that will benefit our community. Please keep our new program and students in your prayers as we are starting this new adventure!