Bethlehem Bible College Holds a Workshop on Gender

The New Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College, in cooperation with the Swedish PMU, and with the participation of a wide range of women’s rights and community organizations, held a workshop on gender at Bethlehem Bible College. This workshop lasted for three days during which activists and human rights activists discussed gender issues in all its social, political and legal aspects.

Dr. Madeleine Sara, a Christian psychologist and counselor, opened the first session as she reviewed the role of women in the Bible. Kristin Elmquist from the PMU elaborated on the concept of gender and presented models of Western societies. On the other hand, the Director of the Development of Women’s Media Association, Ms. Suhair Farraj, interacted with the participants by challenging them to analyze media content and its hidden messages that reflect the stereotypical view of women.

In contrast, the legal advisor, Fatima Dana, from Bissan Center, presented the legal reality of women, where she explained the inherent problem in the laws that impede women’s equity and the complex injustice that it spans. 

The agenda of the workshop also did not lose sight of the material violations that detract from the rights of women in the workplace. Ms. Khawla Azrak reflected the violations that women are subjected to in the workplace at the human and material levels, where women do not receive fair pay in return for their workforce.