Prosperity After Drought: A Pot in His Hand 13th Magazine Issue!

Prosperity After Drought: A Pot in His Hand 13th Magazine Issue!

Prosperity After Drought: A Pot in His Hand 13th Magazine Issue!

The women’s ministry team of Bethlehem Bible College has been working very hard for months to produce the 13th issue of A Pot in His Hand ministry magazine.

The content of this magazine is about the unexpected gifts that God gives us while living our daily lives and the surprises that life throws at us, which can change everything.

Dr. Madeline Sara,  founder of the women’s ministry, said about the new issue: “We often have a dream for change that moves us from a difficult reality to another flexible, more comfortable and more successful one. But life continues with its usual boring details until the desired opportunity comes that opens the doors and renews hope.”

She added: “It is recognized that a person is capable of change, and that he or she is responsible for change through their awareness and behavior. But in this issue, we talked about God’s role in fulfilling promises and dreams, without eliminating our roles in bringing positive change.” 

This issue talked about the certainty that nothing is impossible for the Lord, and that He has his own seasons and times. In the meantime, He will come to open the doors and give us the desires of our hearts like establishing a beautiful relationship, starting a wonderful job opportunity or having a child.

Dr. Madeline added that in the meantime, we must live according to the rhythm of heaven. During this time, the Lord enters into our days, which are passing at a normal, routine pace, and He turns them into a time of keeping promises. We experience success after failure, progress after slowdown, prosperity after drought, light after darkness, joy after sadness, and blessedness after shortage.

“I passed this test. I am a very active, effective and persistent person. Nevertheless, I feel like I’m in a waiting season for change. Despite my diligence, nothing happens!  I feel helpless! Then I declare: “You God! Only you can visit me and penetrate my life by completing something new!” Dr. Madeline said.

This issue has around 25 different articles that speak about the same theme, and they were all written by Palestinian Christian women from different ages and experiences. They wrote in order to help every woman who will read the magazine!

We pray that this season is the season of receiving a gift from heaven. Let us enjoy today, and cling to faith as we anticipate the future. May this issue of the magazine bring healing, joy, and peace to every woman that reads it!

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