Arabic Online Course for Internationals

Arabic Online Course for Internationals

Arabic Online Course for Internationals

Bethlehem Bible College started giving online Arabic courses for internationals through zoom. Thirty Students are learning colloquial Palestinian Arabic in order to communicate it in their daily lives.

The methodology focuses on short texts, which teach the basic vocabulary and grammar of the dialect.


Mrs. Claude Juha, coordinator of the community training programs, says:

“We started with only one course, but due to the high demand, we opened another one.

Most of our students are friends of the College or have visited us at least once. Therefore, this is an opportunity to keep in touch with them. 

Since we are facing this coronavirus pandemic, and most of our visitors cannot travel and visit us here in Bethlehem, we thought it would be a great idea to keep them connected to the College by learning Arabic.

I encourage people who work with Arabs or refugees, or are planning to come to the Middle East anytime soon to take the course.”


Americans, Australians, Europeans and people from all over the world are enjoying the online classes. About the course, our student, Audrey Harmon Cassibry said, “I’m enjoying the current session of this class!” Our friend, Ann Scull, from Australia, said, “It is great fun. The teacher is excellent!”

We are looking forward to give more online courses to our friends all over the world. If you are interested in learning Arabic, drop us an e-mail at