Meet One of Our Unsung Heroes: Mr. Bahjat Khader

Meet One of Our Unsung Heroes: Mr. Bahjat Khader

Meet One of Our Unsung Heroes: Mr. Bahjat Khader

The Online Diploma in Biblical Studies Program is a huge development at the College. Since it started in 2016, with our faculty’s work and dedication, we’re reaching hundreds of Arab students worldwide.

Let me introduce you to one of the secret heroes in this program.

Mr. Bahjat Khader is the Head of the Online Diploma Program. He is from Zababdeh, a small town in the north of Palestine, and has been a BethBC family member for three years. He is married with four kids, three boys and a girl.

“I studied for a BA in Business Administration at Al-Najah University in Nablus. Then I obtained my Master of Divinity degree from the Near East School of Theology in Beirut, Lebanon. I was a Christian education school teacher for eight years. When the College started the Online Diploma Program, Mr. Anton Diek, who started it, contacted me and told me that they needed a teaching assistant.”

Bahjat started working at BethBC in February 2017 as a teaching assistant. Now he is the Head of the Online Diploma in Biblical Studies.

“Since I started working at the College, it changed my life in different ways. The friendly and family-spirited atmosphere gave me a feeling of belonging.

The weekly devotions taught me how it is important to be a spiritual man, the importance of prayers, and how to be a loving person toward people around me by sharing the love of Christ. I also learned the value of my role in society.”

Bahjat says that Bethlehem Bible College is different from other places where he worked, especially spiritually. Other workplaces see Christianity as a subject, while here in the College, we teach that Christianity is a way of life. Because of that, we are changing lives.

“The College is transforming the lives of our students, and we’re witnessing this. Many students graduated as capable leaders to serve in the field of God. BethBC also gives its faculty and staff the ground to develop themselves in different areas.”

Online Diploma in Biblical Studies

The Online Program targets students worldwide, either in their home countries or in the diaspora. It is open for everybody who has a passion for learning the Bible, and true to his word, God is sending us students who are servants in their churches and with a great love for the word of God.

“We have Christian students from different religious backgrounds, as well as Muslim students who are curious to know more about Christianity.

Students are pleased with the curriculum; it is powerful both academically and spiritually. They even use it to teach in their own churches.”

Bahjat says that the program is like a second family for some students, especially those who left their countries due to war and persecution. Living in a foreign country and not being able to speak its language gives a feeling of loneliness. Our program is in Arabic and it provides the students with a sense of home.

Bahjat confirmed that soon they will be starting a BA program with new courses such as the art of preaching, counseling, and Biblical geography.

About how you can support the program, Bahjat said: “First of all, thank you for our friends, who pray and support us and believe in the program’s mission. Keep praying for us as we face many challenges, mainly financial ones, because many of our students study with scholarships. Many don’t pay for the courses, mostly because they are refugees with critical financial situations, and a large number pay only part of the fees. We need your continuous support and prayers for our teachers and students. May we continue to be light in the whole world!”

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