Meet Wael Khoury: Bethlehem Bible College Alumnus

I am Wael Khoury, a graduate of Bethlehem Bible College. I graduated from the College, specifically from the Biblical Studies Program, in 2009. The time I spent at the College was one of the most amazing times of my life, due to the great relationships I had with my colleagues and my professors. We were like one big family, which is what distinguishes the College. I served for many years in the College choir as a drummer. We participated in many events at different churches in areas throughout Palestine.

I graduated from the College with a strong foundation in God’s word (and the skills to share it) and a love and a desire to serve. I have been working for years with the Young Life Foundation serving between young people, families and among refugees, especially refugees in Greece. The nature of my work includes games of encouragement, prayer, and a message about Christ.

In 2019, I traveled about 10 times to Greece to serve among the refugees in terms of relief and supporting them with their various needs. Today I still serve among youth, children and families in most Palestinian areas, especially in the north, Nazareth and the Galilee.

I am married to Lina and have two sons, Lucas and John. I believe that the word of God cannot stop and I continue to serve according to the word and promises of God to me despite all the difficult circumstances.

I would like to thank the College that strengthened within me the word of the Lord and helped me lead this life in serving the Kingdom and His children. I am grateful also for all of the donors who support the College. By giving to this school they are helping to strengthen the church in Palestine and around the world, and give hope to the young people, the ones I work with, that God’s word is true and there is hope for their futures.