Our Students' Annual Retreat in the Heart of the Palestinian Nature!

Bethlehem Bible College’s students went on their annual retreat last week. This year’s trip was exceptional as they went hiking for 7 km from Wadi Qelt to Ein al-Fawara, an amazing hiking place in Jericho, with some of our teachers and leadership. The trip was designed to take the students on an adventure to learn more about their country. Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, President of the College, shared a meditation from Psalm 23, for David lived in these areas.

The students expressed their joy in participating in this activity. Ursula Al-Hadweh, a Biblical Studies student, thanked the College leadership for this opportunity, saying:

“I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the College leadership for arranging and coordinating this trip, as we needed such an activity after nearly a year and a half of the psychological, social, health, and financial pressures that the world is going through due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This trip was a chance for students to relax, enjoy nature and the greatness of God’s creation. Mainly we enjoyed the deep discussions we had with our teachers.”

Rana Al-Ama, a Biblical Studies student, said:

“The trip was beautiful, and it’s my first time to visit this place. I learned a lot of new information about it, and it was an opportunity for us to discover the nature of our beautiful country, and also an opportunity to calm down and to observe God’s creation.”