Graduation of the First Cohort of Students from the Professional Diploma Program in Hebrew

On August 12, 2021, Bethlehem Bible College graduated the first batch of students from the Professional Diploma Program in the Hebrew Language accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, with the presence of the program professors, Mr. Ghanem Mizel and Mrs. Lily Halloun. 

Ms. Shireen Hilal, Director of the Community Outreach Center at the College, and Mr. Gabriel Hanna, the vice Academic Dean, welcomed the audience and students. The welcome was complemented with some music played by one of the students, Bashar Bannoura.

In her speech, Mrs. Claude Juha, head of the Community Training Programs, emphasized one important aspect of the Professional Diploma Program in Hebrew, pointing out that we, as a College, have invested in our students, and one of the graduates is now giving Hebrew language courses to the community at the College.

She also expressed her joy at the achievements of the Community Training Department and the developments that they were able to implement during the pandemic. The Department is currently conducting online courses in Arabic and Hebrew for our friends abroad, and is conducting Hebrew, Spanish, and English language courses for the local community.

The graduation of the first cohort of these diploma students was a great challenge, especially considering the pandemic; however, with the cooperation of the professor and students, they were able to complete all the requirements of the program and graduate on time.  We called these students the “Successful Regiment” because of their steadfastness through all the challenges they faced during their study at the College. At the conclusion of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the students.

Bethlehem Bible College added the Professional Diploma Program in Hebrew in 2019 to its list of programs that serve the Palestinian community. The Program is accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. In addition to helping students prepare for their studies in universities that require them to be fluent in Hebrew, it aims to prepare qualified cadres to work and meet the needs of a wide segment of our Palestinian society, especially people whose daily economic and professional activity is related to the Hebrew language.