BethBC Welcomes a Visiting Delegation from An-Najah National University!

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Bethlehem Bible College received a visiting delegation from An-Najah National University. The delegation included Dr. Amer Joudallah, Professor of Faith and Comparative Religion, Dr. Hudhayfa Badir, Professor of Hadith, and Dr. Montaser Al-Asmar, Head of the Department of Fundamentals of Religion, in addition to 52 male and female students from the Faculty of Sharia. Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, President of the College, welcomed the visitors, while Professor Shireen Awwad, Director of the Community Outreach Department, introduced them to the College programs and services.

Mr. Yousef AlKhouri then presented a lecture entitled “Christian Faith and the Palestinian Christian Presence” in an atmosphere of positive interaction and constructive dialogue. Both the Sharia professors and Professor AlKhouri stressed the importance of knowing the other and our neighbor closely, and that we are encouraged to hear the other and their different points of view without this leading to disagreement. Everyone also stressed the importance of coexistence, the continuation of cooperation and dialogue between our colleges, and building bridges based on common issues and concerns.

This visit constitutes a continuation of the joint cooperation relations initiated by Bethlehem Bible College in 2019 under its leadership and Academic Dean, Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, and the College of Sharia at An-Najah University with its Dean, Prof. Jamal Al-Kilani and Dr. Amjad Abu Al-Ezz.