We are wrapping up our 40th year with a Christmas staff lunch. Praise the Lord for a great year spent with our amazing family in Christ, where great things were accomplished. We are looking forward to another year of serving our Lord.

Praise the Lord for our Christmas banquet, which will take place on the 20th of this month. Six hundred people from our community, invited by the Shepherd Society, will be joining us this year. 

We give thanks for the Shepherd Society’s ministry. They have distributed food parcels to 400 needy families in the Bethlehem area. May they continue to spread the love and joy of Jesus to our brothers and sisters around us. 

Dr. Bishara and Rev. Jack have been traveling and sharing our good news around the world, and we are grateful for their leadership.

This year, Bethlehem is celebrating joy in the midst of difficulty. Let us pray that Jesus will fill our hearts with His joy at all times through His presence.