The Media Program at Bethlehem Bible College began in 2002 in order to bring hope and encouragement to the Palestinian people. The media training program, within the context of BBC, provides a way of developing skills, providing employment, and a mean of using media to promote a better society.

Since the Second Intifada, Bethlehem has suffered from a diminished economic situation. Currently, the unemployment rate is 30%. Due to the economic situation, BBC saw that it was necessary to develop academic programs that teach valuable skills and provide gainful employment amidst economic difficulty.

Bethlehem Bible College’s Media Training Program, known as the New Vision Media Center (NVMC) began in 2002 as a response to the tumultuous Second Intifada, rising unemployment and the need for high-quality media training for Palestinians to tell their stories in the World Wide media landscape and have a voice as Christians living as a minority.  Since its establishment, the Media Training Program has successfully graduated five classes and 95 students, some of who have gone to work in Palestinian media outlets such as Ma’an News Network, Radio Bethlehem, Radio Mawwal, and even NGO’s and schools in Palestine. In the next year, we will continue offering our two-year diploma in Mass Media training to 15-20 students each two years, but will improve students’ practical training by partnering with local media outlets to offer internships and hands-on experience.

Learning Objectives of the program (knowledge, skills, spirituality).

Bethlehem Bible College’s Media Training Program offers practical and professional training in Mass Media, including radio, television, filmmaking, and editing. It gives graduates the skills to find meaningful work, which allows for creative personal growth, and contributes to the development of their society. In addition, our unique Christian atmosphere endeavors to disciple a new generation of leaders who will be able to use media to share the gospel and offer a better future for Christians and all Palestinians.


  1. Providing professional training encompassing communication and mass media theories as well as practical training in media production. Students study 74 credit hours and receive a Diploma in Mass Media.
  2. Contributing to economic development by providing the job market with qualified and productive leaders.
  3. Creating a distinctively Christian atmosphere, teaching Christian morals and values.

Introduction to Journalism MJ 212

Course Description: Introduction to the principles and functions of Journalism as well as to provide a preliminary overview of the forms of editing and aspects of the agreement and divergence with a focus on the elements of the news and technical structure.

Democracy and Human Rights MH 212

Course Description: This course provides a brief summery on human rights in European civilization profile and access to human rights in the modern stage and international declarations of human rights which was transformed from just perfect legal principles to ensure the protection of the mandatory rules of the times.

Arabic for Media I MA 212

Course Description: This course is very necessary and foundational for media students, which is a knowledge-based approach also it seeks at the basic principles art of writing press releases and news editor.

Introduction to Mass Media MM 212

Course Description: Introduction to the History of the Journalism and historical characteristics of each stage and the advantages and reflection of the specificity of each stage of the development of means of communication.

Introduction to Internet Technology MT 212

Course Description: This course serves as the entrance and the definition of general principles for the use of personal computers linked to a network of local computers connected to the Internet from devices through the windows system. The course offers a lot of terminology science and technology of computers and training on the proper and safe use of information systems. A training course depends on the nature of the direct use of these technologies as they become recognizable and learning theories.

Islamic Culture Studies MI 213

Description Course: This course traces the evolution of the Arab-Islamic thought in the nineteenth and twentieth through ideological, intellectual and cultural currents and their interaction with the Arab and Islamic intellectual heritage as well as the most important challenges faced by the Orient and from colonization, liberation, Arabism and Islam, the problems of Arab-Islamic culture, minorities, renewal, Palestine and the Zionist challenge.

Introduction to AudioVideo MA 214

Course Description: Introduction to sound that gives students the necessary knowledge about the indicators and physicists audio, and introduces students to technical equipment for sound such as microphones, crushed, and recording devices with a focus on audio output and theories messages.

Script Writing Documentary MS 212

To know The Nature and essence of the visual language and to clarify the scientific and technical controls in the mechanisms of writing television and film program scenario and script, also the characteristics and types of television programs.


News Writing and Reporting II MWR 214

Course Description: This course addresses the art of Journalism Editing and making news in a new concept that goes bound regular description of the situations so that students mastered the writing and editing shapes, news, journalist and investigative journalist.

Introduction to Christianity MC 211

Course Description: In this course the student will be introduced to the basic aspects and practices. The course will include a brief survey of the essential beliefs and traditions that Christians hold dear to them. It will also include a survey of the life and teachings of Jesus, and a brief survey of the history of Christianity and its various branches, symbols and trends of the Christian faith.

Writing Methods MW 211

Course Description: The students will be provided linguistic, grammatical, rhetorical and monetary skills that enable them to achieve the benefit of the course, which also means addressing the common mistakes, and to train the student to the art of different parts of writings, and look at some of the linguistic, grammatical common mistakes, study the rules of spelling and punctuation.

RadioAudio (Drama-Technical &Music Talk show) MD 212

Course Description: Students are exposed to the technical aspects of recording a radio drama, and the best techniques and technology used in the editing process also knowing the systems that they need to record live environment sounds.

Introduction to Communication MIC 212

Course Description: Identify the basic theories in science of communication and the consolidation of the principles of communication theories in the mind of the student,   in addition to identify the types, models and communication obstacles.

Internet Technology - web Design MWD 213

Course Description: Introduction to web page design, in which students will recognize the basics design and its code (HTML), in addition to the introduction of ADOBE Photoshop, which has an important role in design processing program.

Introduction to Religion (Judaism) MJ 211

Course description: This course covers the basic beliefs in Judaism, and follows the historical foundation and foundation groups in the Jewish faith.

TVVideo Editing Basics ME 212

Course Description: Introduction to the History and Theory of montage TV editing in order to work on the AVID editing system so students are able to grab video, audio and images to be included in the system and adding effects.


Audio-Visual Journalism MAV 222

Course description: the development of the student’s ability to cover daily news and writing the text and report the television coverage of events depending on the requirements of the audiovisual and properties through practical training.

Development of Arab Countries MD 223

Course Description: The Arab -Israeli conflict and the balance of power and the foundations of state-building.

TV Production MTP 222

Course Description: Students learn advanced skills in how to use television production equipments.

Editing Advanced MEA 222

Course Description: the students will learn the techniques used in TV and video industry. Students choose to edit material from the following materials: music video, drama, advertisements, and news reports, which will determine the duration of each material by Media department.  Practical and advanced editing skills, for student to be able to integrate audio and video effects on DVD.

Documentary Films MF 222

Course Description: This course is designed to help students to use the video in an effective way as a communication tools. Students will learn to apply the principles and aesthetics of television production techniques such as interviews, polls and short documentaries. Students will also learn to use the equipments in the studio.

Internet Technology Advanced Web Design MWD 223

Course Description: Students will learn through this course to build website simple tools in addition to the identification of new methods for publishing on the World Wide Web with a focus on trends in the field of media.

Physical Activity MP 221

Course Description: This course is prepared for students to recognize the nature of their body and how its function and it will focus on several aspects, including physical exercises and movements.

Writing Skills for Audio-Visual MN 221

Course description: training students to refine the journalism text in line with the audio-visual privacy and completion of television reports.

English Language ME 223

Course Description: Strengthening English conversation and writing, student will learn how to write articles using multiple sources.


Journalism IV (Media Campaign) MC 221

Course Description: Implementation of a press campaign in order to apply all forms of written arts by linking theoretical knowledge and the ability to write with the challenges facing the field reporter during the performance of the task.

Arabic For Media MA 221

Course Description: the course is a training course to learn how to put together the forms of editing in proper language, learning how to master dealing with numbers and data verbs and adjectives, foreign names and political terminology.

Mass Media Ethics ME 221

Course Description: In this course students will learn to recognize the legal and ethical aspects of journalism, and studying the elements and characteristics of public opinion.

Documentary Film Production MFP 224

Course Description: This course tackle the stages of documentary production of the documentary film through analysis and evaluation of research data, writing the script and build interest in the film with moral and aesthetic aspects of picture and sound purity.

Talk show workshop MTW 222

Course Description: Preparing students to do talk shows that will be prepared and taped in the studio under the supervision of the media professor.

TVVideo Editing Advanced MEA 223

Course Description: This course is linked to the graduation project by developing the student’s ability to use more than one camera in addition to enhancing the student skill in reediting the taped material if it was damaged while using of montage program.

Final Project Seminar MS 223

Course Description : Students will be divided into groups for screenwriter director photographer Production Manager Monitor Sound Engineer groups in order to produce a television program or a documentary film .


First Semester

Introduction to Journalism I MJ212 2
Human Rights MH212 2
Arabic for Media I MA212 2
Mass Media I MM212 2
Introduction to Internet Technology I MT212 2
Islamic Studies and Arabic Culture MI213 3
Introduction to Audio / Video MA214 4
Script writing MS212 2

Second Semester

Journalism II MWR214 4
Introduction to Religion (Christianity) MC211 1
Arabic for Media II MW211 1
Radio/Audio (Drama – Technical) MD212 2
Radio / Audio II (Music – Talk show) MSR212 2
Introduction to Human Communication MIC212 2
Internet Technology II MWD213 3
Introduction to Religion (Judaism) MJ211 1
TV/Video editing I ME212 2


First Semester

Journalism III MAV222 2
Development in Arab Countries MD223 3
TV / Video I (Introduction to TV interview) MTP222 2
TV / Video (Editing II) MEA222 2
TV / Video Directing I MFP224 4
Internet Technology III MWD223 3
Physical Activity MP221 1
News Editing MN221a 1
English Language ME223 3

Second Semester

Journalism IV (Media Campaign) MC221 2
Arabic For Media MA221b 1
Mass Media II ME221 1
TV / Video )Directing and documentary II MFP224 4
TV / Video(talk show) MTW222 2
TV / Video Editing III MEA223 3
Final Project MS223 3


  • Palestinian  Ministry of Higher Education

Program Cost

25 JD per Credit Hour

Typical Completion Time

2 Years

Total Credit Hours

74 Credit Hour


1. The student should be interested in the Journalism and Media Program.

2. The student should be holding a high school certificate.

3. The student should pass a personal interview with the Academic Dean, the head of the department or the Dean of Student Affairs.



“ Dear teacher I really appreciate all of your hard work with us, helping us  going to the real world with eyes open wide about our society, you really helped us a lot you gave us all the attention we need, provided us with equipments  and well qualified teacher really I appreciate  everything you gave us very much”.


“Dear teacher I will never forget your kindness with me, really thank you “.


“Thank You very much for everything, every success I have because of your hard works my dear teachers.”