As Bethlehem Bible College is going through some changes due to the current situation, please keep the leadership team in your prayers so they make the best decisions for the future of the College.

As we celebrate a day of love this month, we pray that those around us will experience the real and only true, unconditional love of Jesus Christ throughout the whole year. May we be able to show this love to our less fortunate brothers and sisters through our community training programs and our daily interactions with our neighbors.

At the end of 2020, our first cohort of the Online Biblical Studies students graduated. Please keep them in your prayers as they start a new chapter in their lives applying what they learned at our College, sharing the word of God with those around them.

Please continue to pray for the Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan. We cannot even imagine the difficult situation they are going through with this freezing weather. May the Lord provide them with all they need to stay warm, full, and alive while waiting for spring and hoping for a better season in our lives.

Let us dedicate this month’s prayers for our brothers and sisters battling cancer in Bethlehem. People around Bethlehem have been suffering a great deal from cancer, as not only were many fighting against it, but many more have lost dear ones to it. Let us pray for the powerful healing hand of our Lord to touch every person suffering from sickness.

As the Bethlehem Governorate depends mostly on the tourism sector, many people have lost their main source of income due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please keep those families in your prayers, for the Lord to provide for them. Pray for wisdom for our government and for those in authority to find solutions.