Bethlehem Bible College takes a holistic approach to theological education. It seeks to take the whole gospel to a needy world.  International Students are a valued part of our community and an important reminder of God’s global mission.


Studying in Bethlehem

Moving to a different country to live and study is a huge decision. It is important to know the requirements for International Students:


Check with your foreign affairs office as to whether you need a special visa to enter Israel. Most countries receive a three-month visa upon arrival at the airport or border. Please check on the following Israeli government website:

You will require a special visa if you intend to stay for more than three months. Past students have suggested working part-time with an organization based in the Holy Land who could assist with a long-term volunteer visa. For example, students could enquire about being volunteers with the Catholic, Lutheran, or Orthodox Churches or some other humanitarian organization like World Vision.


The College has a limited number of rooms/apartments available, however, priority is given to local students who live too far away to commute daily. International students usually rent a close-by apartment. The College will assist you in finding a suitable place at a reasonable cost. A furnished apartment may cost around US$350 a month and an unfurnished apartment may cost about US$200 a month (prices may vary, however, this gives you a rough idea of accommodation expenses).


Travel around Bethlehem and the surrounding area is safe. Students will discover that Palestinian people are very friendly and hospitable.

Most places can be reached by walking and taxis are readily available. Students can catch Bus 231 or 234 which will take you to Jerusalem. Bus 231 leaves from Baab Al-Zkak intersection (100 meters down from the College) and Bus 234 leaves from the Checkpoint (250 meters from the College). International people easily cross checkpoints, however, it is advised to carry identification as occasionally there are security checks.

Many historical sites are in close proximity (walking distance) and other sites like Jericho and the Dead Sea can be reached by taxi or shuttle bus.


Tap water is safe for drinking and bottled water is also readily available from stores. Most products are available in shops and there is a range of fresh vegetables. The local food is delicious!


Most exchanges occur is Israeli Shekels. The Banknotes are in 200, 100, 50, and 20 denominations. The coins consist of 10, 5, 2, 1, and 50 agoras (half-shekel) denominations. Israel also uses the 10 agora coin. Many stores deal with US dollars and have prices in both shekels and dollars.

ATMs are available throughout the places. Credit cards are readily available in only larger stores or tourist shops.