Bethlehem Bible College offers an online course on Monasticism in the holy land for the first time. Monasticism was a peculiar movement in Palestine during the Byzantine Christian period (4th- 7th century AD), where deserts became spiritual cities where the sounds of ring bells could be heard all around as a majestic symphony.

This course will tackle the birth of the monastic movement in Palestine. Who started it? What were the early monasteries established? Their architectural types and theological meaning.

This course will highlight the daily life of monks inside monasteries and cells, their impact on today’s Christian world, what messages we can learn from Monasticism for our everyday life.


  • To know the history of Monasticism.
  • To understand the different types of monasteries.
  • To pinpoint the great impact monasteries had on the Christian world.
  • To get to know the important figures in Monasticism such as Hilarion, Chariton, Euthymius, Saba, Theodosius, etc.
  • To understand the environment in which Monasticism was born.
  • To know the important monasteries in Palestine such as Mar Saba, Saint Theodosius, Gerasimus, etc.


This course includes:

  • Nine hours of sessions, a total of 13 hours.
  • Class recording.
  • Course material.

This course will be given by:

Mr. Haytham Dieck. The Head of the Tour Guide program at Bethlehem Bible College. Haytham has BA in History, a Minor in Archaeology and MA in World Heritage Studies.

Dates and time:

Every Saturday from 5:00 PM- 6:30 PM (Jerusalem Time)

Starting from April 23, 2022, until June 18, 2022

The cost of the course is $150 (US Dollar) per person.

Make sure to register before April 22, 2021, using the form below.

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