Course Description

Spoken Arabic – Level I

Students will learn Colloquial Palestinian Arabic in order to communicate in daily life.  The methodology focuses on short texts which teach the basic vocabulary and grammar of the dialect.

The texts are written also in the Arabic alphabet for students who prefer to read the dialect in Arabic letters.


Teacher: Ibtisam Ajaj

Mrs. Ajaj has been teaching Arabic as a second language for the last 28 years to students worldwide. Her passion is simplifying the language as much as possible.

She has a YouTube channel (Arabic with Ibtisam) that offers free short videos teaching Palestinian Arabic dialect to help learners of the Arabic language speak clearly so they can be easily understood by native speakers.


When? Every Monday and Thursday from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (Jerusalem Time)

Where? From your home through Zoom. (Recordings are available)

Duration of the course: 30 hours. (We will announce the dates when we have a whole number of participants.)

Investment:  $350 (US Dollar)



1.Moin Halloun: Spoken Arabic for Foreigners – Level I – Bethlehem University (Unit 1-15)

You can purchase the textbook and dictionary from amazon

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