The Shepherd Society was established in Bethlehem in June 1996 when several Palestinian pastors and Christian leaders felt called to extend Christ’s love in a practical way to those in need within their community. As the charitable arm of Bethlehem Bible College, it is one of the avenues through which we respond to the Gospel’s call to love our neighbor and care for the poor.

The goal of the Shepherd Society is to provide a means for the global community and Christians worldwide to encourage and financially assist the struggling Palestinian people in the West Bank.

We support families in need via seven different relief programs:

  • job creation
  • food parcel distribution
  • in-kind contributions of clothing, health kits, food, and much more…
  • medical aid
  • school tuition assistance
  • utility costs
  • family sponsorships

The global community and Christians worldwide are encouraged to make contributions to assist in the work of the Shepherd Society as a testament to the fact that we serve a global God who cares for all of His children.

Learn more about The Shepherd Society here.