Dear friends, allow me to welcome you into our webpage. In our day and age, we can’t help but reflect on where we were, where we are, and where we are going.

As a small college that was founded in 1979, we started with a humble beginning and a great vision from our founder, Dr. Bishara Awad. We look at our present and see that the humble beginning was, in fact, a launch to the future for shaping the future of a nation.  I can testify that we, being part of a nation that has been under turmoil and pressure for so long, are helping doing that. God has proven to be faithful to the Palestinian people in providing such a Bible college for shaping the future leaders of this nation.

We are bringing quality education and training to our students, whether it is through our Masters degree in leadership, BA in Biblical studies, or one of our important fields of Media, Tourism and Education diplomas. Our students go through rigid, deep and powerful transformation for the purpose of serving and empowering a nation.

We look to the future, where the sky is the limit, for what our quality, high-standard education can do. We want to utilize cyberspace and technology to provide powerful education and training to the whole Arab world.

To learn more about our dynamic ministry, follow the links below. You, too, can Get Involved and help us empower Christians in the Holy Land.

Rev. Jack Y. Sara