The Bethlehem Bible College Choir spent January 9th-12th in Gaza, ministering to the people there.  This is the first time in 16 years that the choir has been able to get permission from the Israeli government to travel to Gaza, and we thank God for this miracle. While in Gaza, the choir was able to visit a few places, including Al Manara (The Lighthouse School), the Orthodox Church in Gaza, the tomb of Rami Ayyad, and the Baptist Church in Gaza. Despite some problems crossing the border at the end of their stay, and therefore being forced to spend an extra night in Gaza, the choir had a safe and enjoyable visit, and they feel honored to have been given the opportunity to minister to the beautiful people of Gaza. For a more detailed look at the activities of the choir, please read the blog posts Day 1 and Days 2-4 written by the choir director, Munther Isaac.