The Land Cries Out

The Land Cries Out: Theology of the Land in the Israeli-Palestinian Context. Book by Dr. Salim Munayer and Lisa Loden.

Bethlehem Bible College is pleased to announce the publication of The Land Cries Out:Theology of the Land in the Israeli-Palestinian Context. Faculty member and previous academic dean for over 20 years, Dr. Salim Munyaer, has edited the book with Lisa Loden. Faculty members Dr. Yohanna Katanacho, Rev. Alex Awad, and Munther Isaac and visiting lecturer Colin Chapman have contributed chapters to the book.

According to the book’s description: “The chapters presented in this book form a unique collection of voices speaking from different perspectives on the issue of the theology of the land. These voices include Messianic Jewish and Palestinian Christian theologians and scholars who live in the Holy Land, as well as others from around the world.”

“The various chapters reflect a wide spectrum of opinion and reveal how much disagreement still exists among followers of Christ. However, the dialogue generated by having these opposing voices side by side, speaking to each other rather than past each other, is encouraging. This book is both challenging and inspirational, and contributes in an innovative way to this important discussion.”

The book, which was endorsed by Walter Brueggemann, can be ordered from Wipf and Stock Publishers  or from Amazon.