Bethlehem Bible College hosts First “Revival Generation” Conference

Bethlehem Bible College hosts First “Revival Generation” Conference

Palestinian youth from throughout Israel and Palestine come together for a day of rejuvenation and committing their lives to Christ.

Last Saturday, July 22, youth, especially teenagers, joined together from all over Israel and Palestine, including Haifa, Nablus, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem for the first “Revival Generation” youth conference, hosted by Bethlehem Bible College.

“We have wanted to do something like this for the youth for a long time,” explained David, a BBC alumni and volunteer youth leader. “A lot is done for small children, women, and University students in this country, but very little for specifically teenagers. As young youth leaders ourselves, we wanted to do something different for this age group, because they will be the next leaders after us.”

The conference was organized by youth leaders from local churches in Bethlehem, many of them BBC alumni and students.  The day began with a Christian drama and prayer from Rev. Dr. Jack Sara. Then students went in groups through various stations.

Madleine Sara spoke about the words that youth hear from others than can influence them negatively, sticking with them and affecting their attitude of self worth.

Ibrahim Kadosh told his testimony.  Although he was a student at Bethlehem Bible College, he used to smoke and do drugs. After seeking out a Bible and friends, he began to hear about Jesus. Through these friends, Jesus changed his life and now he is a preacher in Haifa.

The TX Vikings team traveled from Norway and performed at the conference.  This group of former unbelievers, many of whom were in jail, some even for murder, gave their lives to Christ. Now they use their strength training to move cars and break stones.  They perform these acts throughout the world so that they can tell others about the transforming power of Christ. At the end of their performance on Saturday, the TX Vikings asked if anybody wanted to receive Jesus in their lives and many came forward.

Lastly, students enjoyed worship with Majd Shufani, from Northern Israel.

“The worship was incredibly beautiful. You could see the youth actively participating and the joy it gave them,” continued David. “The whole event was a unique opportunity for youth to build relationships within their youth groups and with other groups. It also brought us youth leaders together.  Yesterday, a girl who attended told me that the conference made her start to think how she could change her life and live for Christ. It feels great to know that we can help the next youth leaders be transformed for God’s purposes.”