BBC hosted the Global Leadership Summit on Oct 30-31 in collaboration with Willow Creek Association. This strategic conference presented video and live lectures, and panel discussions for local and international Christian leaders.  Rev. Bill Hybels, founder of Willow Creek, kicked off the event with a presentation about casting a vision and the journey required to reach it. He spoke about the four “C”s necessary to build an effective team of leaders in order to achieve your vision. Select leaders with “character”, who are honest and respectable. Select leaders who are “competent” with the skills needed to reach the vision.  Your leaders should also have good “chemistry” in order to work cohesively as a team and, most importantly, your leaders should understand the “culture” of your organization. Casting a vision and building a team around these four strengths will give you a strong foundation to implement your objectives. Rev. Mitri Raheb, Rev. Jack Sara and Rev. Bill Hybels spoke on Friday morning about “Tough Callings”.

Rev. Raheb shared about being disappointed that his first pastoral assignment was to his home church in Bethlehem.  But he soon realized that he had a vision for this church and community that was needed, a vision to get out from behind the church walls and serve society.  After the siege of Bethlehem in 2000/2001, the community lost all hope but the church had a choice to make and a role to play.  The choice was to stay and the role was to preach life and hope in the midst of destruction.  The church helped rebuild the community and made something beautiful out of the devastation all around them.  As a leader your vision has to be bigger than you can handle in order to leave room for God to work.

Rev Hybels shared the story of Jeremiah, who responded with enthusiasm to God’s vision for him, yet found that he was always a failure. God’s people never listened to him yet Jeremiah praised God in spite of everything.  God still looks for volunteers who have big shoulders to take on the tough assignments.  Rev. Hybels assignment has been easy – to plant a church in an affluent area surrounded by capable leaders.  Why did God give him this?  Because God probably knows it is all he could handle.  But most of you here have received the most difficult calling. Advancing the Gospel in Palestine requires faith, inner strength and wide shoulders that most of us don’t have. God determines our assignment and he knows that Christians here have all these things.  He knows who can handle this assignment and He knows you are the Jeremiahs He needs.  We will meet Jeremiah in heaven one day he will embrace all of you, and talk about the mercies of God and His faithfulness and presence during the worst. Jesus also had a tough assignment to the Middle East and Palestine and Bethlehem.  His ministry here was not easy yet he stayed faithful and in relationship with God.  Let each of us say, “God, give me a Jeremiah-sized challenge.  This is my only life. Use me up for your glory. His ministry here was not easy yet he stayed faithful and in relationship with God. Let each of us say, “God, give me a Jeremiah-sized challenge. This is my only life. Use me up for your glory.”

The conference also included dynamic times of worship, interactive sessions and additional speakers that inspired participants to take all they’ve learned and put it into practice. We thank Willow Creek Association for their support and partnership in bringing the Global Leadership Summit to our community.”

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