“I saw elderly women standing at the checkpoint waiting to cross at 4:00 am hoping to find work in Jerusalem. These women could barely walk but were still determined to cross the checkpoint and work for their daily bread “said Rita Jariseh , a staff member of Bethlehem Bible College. She is reflecting on the outreach Bethlehem Bible College organized on Labor Day that took place on May 1st..

For Rita this experience was an eye opener.  In her words, “I always heard about the reality of Palestinian workers in Jerusalem, but witnessing it was a completely different experience’. Rita woke up at 4:00 am on her day off to join the group of students who were bringing water and food supplies to the workers at Checkpoint 300. She definitely does not regret the effort exclaiming, ” I was so happy to serve on that day. The ladies were so grateful for our small gifts that helped them to endure the long waiting hours ahead of them.”

After this experience Rita not only expressed admiration for these workers but a new sense of gratefulness for her job, saying, ”I would like to invite all those people who complain about their work and how they get there to come with us next year to Checkpoint 300. I am sure you will end up thanking God for where you work.”