With an estimated 13000 workers on any given day, checkpoint 300 is one of the busiest checkpoints of the separation Wall. Everyday workers from the West Bank must pass through the checkpoint to get to Jerusalem. Workers begin lining up around 2:00 am and wait to be searched and questioned before they can pass through to a waiting bus. It can take about 4 ½ to 5 hours to get through this line. This year, on workers day, while many workers around the West Bank and Israel had the day off, these workers had normal shifts. Many of them did not even know it was workers day.

Following the success of last year’s outreach, the students honoured and encouraged these workers once again. In coordination with the Dean of Student, the students distributed 2500 goodies to the workers, including water, dates, biscuits, pears and peaches. The activity started at 4:00 am and it was over by 7:00 am. The volunteers wished ‘Happy workers day’ to every worker they served and prayed beforehand for the gifts to be a blessing and an encouragement.  The volunteers included 3 members of Bethlehem Bible College staff, one former graduate and six other students.

‘This outreach activity does not only promote the college to local Palestinians,” shared Shireen Hilal, Dean of Students. ‘But most importantly, it is a small way to encourage and bless the marginalized and an opportunity for the students to be salt and light to the Palestinian community.’