Bethlehem Bible College students had their last outreach of their academic year at the House of Peace Orphanage in Bethlehem.  As with other institutions BBC partners with, we asked the House of Peace to share with us their pressing needs. They told us that they did not need anything material but were worried about the children’s grades at school.

Responding to this need, since late March, BBC’s students have started a Homework Club with the children. They spend two hours during weekends with them, helping them with their studies and homework. The students who started this initiative gave such great feedback from their time with the children that more students joined. To celebrate the end of the school year and the friendships that were developed at the Homework Club, BBC students and the Dean of students organized a special barbecue for the children.

Shireen Hilal, Dean of Students at BBC, shares with us her experience, ‘If we were asked to do a celebration or a barbecue again I would definitely do it. All of the kids were happy, laughing and there was a positive atmosphere in which we played, we danced, prayed and ate in fellowship. I am so thankful that the Lord opened such a door for us, and we look forward to continue, in such a great ministry with the orphanage’.