On Monday, November 16th, Bethlehem Bible College hosted the annual ceremony for recognizing and certifying students who passed the exam for Tour Guide License.

Bethlehem Bible College recently had the honor to receive members of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and students from different colleges and universities across the West Bank who passed the exam to obtain their Tour Guide License.

Rev. President Jack Sara opened the ceremony, and congratulated the students for their hard work and success.  He remarked that even though we, as Palestinians, face many struggles and challenges we know how to overcome them all by the help and the strength of God.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism represented by Mr. Ali Abu Srour, the General Director of Tourism Professions at the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, welcomed the students and congratulated them for their success, as well as thanked Bethlehem Bible College for hosting the event and cooperating with the Ministry of Tourism.

“The Tourism Department of the College is glad to host this event and we congratulate all the students who worked hard and passed this exam,” said Haytham Dieck, Tour Guide Coordinator at Bethlehem Bible College.