BBC hosts Global Leadership Summit in Bethlehem

BBC hosts Global Leadership Summit in Bethlehem

Recently, Bethlehem Bible College hosted the second annual Global Leadership Summit in Bethlehem. This year, the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) took place in 875 cities across 120 countries to impact 260,000 leaders from around the world.

BBC’s vision for bringing this distinguished event to Bethlehem is to benefit the whole region by investing in leaders from every segment of society. Around160 leaders from various backgrounds and disciplines from all over Palestine attended the conference in Bethlehem this year. A wide range of sectors were represented including business, government, nonprofit, education and religion.

One of the main goals of the GLS is to enhance the leadership skills that are already at work within an individual or organization and to awaken God-given leadership potential that is currently untapped. Seminars covered topics such as the five intangible characteristics of successful leaders, the courage required for leadership, the power of feedback, and the woman’s impact in leadership. In addition to the two days of engaging seminars, attendees also received free access to leadership development resources online.

The hope is that by offering such training and resources to current and emerging leaders, not only will the leaders and their organizations benefit, but also the numerous people those organizations come in contact with during their daily operations. Especially in light of the current political situation, Palestine needs leaders who have both the vision and skills required to work for the welfare of the entire community.

There were many significant leaders present at the conference this year, but one notable participant was Raya Sbitany. Raya is working with the Bank of Palestine to empower women within the organization. Palestine needs more leaders like Raya who dedicate themselves to bringing about positive change in the community and seek to elevate and empower others.

BBC hopes that investing in leaders who have the vision of blessing the community will open up even more opportunities for lives to be changed by the message of God’s love.

After the conference one attendee commented, “the things I learned this weekend will not only impact the way I interact with people in the professional world but also the way I interact with friends and family at home.”

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