Across Palestine and the Arab world, children will find a new reason to smile when they turn on their television sets.  Bethlehem Bible College’s Media Center is proud to release a new and unique outreach to children; an Arab Christian television puppet show along the lines of Sesame Street.

The Media center recently completed filming a full season of “Dehkeh w Tarnemeh” which means “Worship and Smile,” as one of the many family productions that the center produces.

The goal of the show is to strengthen and entertain Arabic-speaking children between 6-12 years, especially those in the Middle East who live in difficult situations. “Dehkeh w Tarnemeh” presents skits and fun music that will encourage, entertain, strengthen, and enlighten their thoughts. The show also delivers Christian Biblical messages through the songs and short lessons.

Each show begins with the main host, Gabriel Hanna, the Media Center’s Director, singing and playing the piano and welcoming the children who are watching him. Then he welcomes the stars of the show: three puppets named “Amir, Amira and Farfoor, the parrot.” The four of them share a story or an idea that is relevant and age-appropriate for children. With a very creative way, they laugh and sing while sharing the story.

“Dehkeh w Tarnemeh” was filmed and recorded at NVMC Studio- New Vision Media Center at the Bethlehem Bible College. The whole media team worked hard for this show including Alaa’ Khoury, the director, Nidal Atrash and Ashraf Qazaha in shooting and editing.

The show contains 20 episodes; each one is 8 minutes long.  It will be aired on a very popular channel called Sat7 Kids that reaches millions of people around the Arab world.