Madonna is the first one from the left on the image.

“When I first heard about Bethlehem Bible College, I remember searching the website and reading about its programs. When I came across the Tour Guide Program, I was interested—though for a moment I thought what do I have to do with tour guiding? Then I took a step of courage and applied for it.”

Madonna is a 21 year old Tour Guide student, who is glad about the decision she made a year ago. During our interview, she told us how happy she is to be part of Bethlehem Bible College’s big family, and how the courses of the Tour Guide program have been helpful:

“We take Old and New Testament courses, the History of Palestine, Botany, and many other interesting courses, given by an amazing well-educated professors.”

What surprised Madonna about the Tour Guiding course is that it made her fall in love with her country.  The more she studied its history the more she became connected to it. “I never saw the Nativity Church, for example, the way  I see it now.  After I studied it, I became more connected to it—even in a spiritual way!”

Doing Tours Already

One of the things she mentioned at the interview is that she was encouraged by the Tour Guide program’s manager, Mr. Haytham Dieck, to take a group of Koreans on a tour through Bethlehem and Jericho. “I was surprised! How could I take a group of people on a tour and I’m even not graduated yet?  I didn’t feel confidence in myself, but Mr. Haytham encouraged me, and was sure that I could do it!”

And she did it— she took the group on a 2-day tour. The first stop was in Bethlehem at the Nativity Church and the next day she took them to Jericho.   We are proud of Madonna! She did an amazing job on the tour as the group mentioned.

We are also very proud of our faculty who are encouraging their students to do better and to step out of the box to develop themselves.

Volunteering at BBC

After the first semester was over, Madonna decided to volunteer at the college.  She is helping us now in our upcoming kids summer camp. Obviously, she couldn’t leave the college’s atmosphere for the entire summer!

Here at BBC we are happy to see our students loving their college, their studies, and engaging in many ways with the college’s activities. Please keep praying for our Tour Guide Department, its faculty and manager Mr. Haytham Dieck, and all the students.  They are doing an amazing job!