On July 19th, the New Vision Media Center in Bethlehem Bible College organized a workshop entitled “Women Between Norms and Laws.” It was attended by more than 30 women from various segments of Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah Governoratess.  The lectures tackled different aspects aimed to raise awareness of the legal and social rights of women.

The workshop was opened by the president of Bethlehem Bible College, Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, who welcomed the speakers and participants, while Professor Gabriel Hanna, Director of the Media Department, provided an overview of the center.

Ms. Shatha Abu Srour, a supervisor for advocacy at YMCA, and an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities in Palestine, addressed the complicated suffering of women with disabilities.

Mrs. Linda Jraysah is the President of the Community Services Department at Mehwar Center, and an active advocate for the protection and empowerment of women and children from violence.  She called for the need to break the stereotype of Arab women and encouraged their role in advancing development.

Ms. Lucy Thaljiyeh, a project coordinator in Wi’am Center for Conflict Resolution, presented the international conventions which provide additional rights for women, and called for the need to create a national plan to activate these rights.

Mrs. Salwa Bannoura, Lawyer at the Center for Women’s Legal Aid and Counseling, talked about women’s status in Palestinian law and the personal status law.  The content of her lecture raised a lot of questions about the fairness of the laws involved.

The lectures were concluded with a dialogue which was facilitated by Mrs. Siham Khoury. After a vigorous conversation, many participants expressed their desire to participate in more activities that contribute to raising the level of awareness in Palestinian society and to enhance the ability of Palestinian women to overcome their challenges.Miss Salam Qumsieh managed the workshop’s administrative coordination. The television production crew, which consists of producer Alaa Khoury and the editor Ashraf Qazaha, provided technical services and photography.

This workshop comes as part of the center’s activities, which aims to bring about positive change in the Palestinian society and to form of positive public opinion on issues of justice in our society, especially with regard to the most vulnerable groups.