On Monday, August 22, 2016, the World Summit Initiative on e-Content (Palestine) held a press conference at the headquarters of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence. Seven projects were nominated to represent the state of Palestine in the competition of the World Summit Initiative for Mobile Phone e-Content Award, including a project by Joseph Hodali, one of our staff at Bethlehem Bible College.

This award operates in compliance with the United Nations, and its purpose is the development of electronic applications in the fields of the Internet, mobile phones and back-office applications. The selection is based on the quality, comprehensiveness, and content of the application, its effectiveness among the public, as well as its being easily accessible, especially by those with disabilities. In the 170 participating countries, nominees are selected by accredited experts, and are pared down by an international jury to the 40 international finalists who meet the standards and scientific requirements.  The best application of the year will be chosen during the award ceremony held in Dubai early next year.

An application called Dentex, which was submitted by Switch Company, was nominated for the award. The director of Switch Company is Joseph Hodali, staff member at Bethlehem Bible College. Switch was founded in 2010 as a private Palestinian company that specializes in the development of computer systems, providing solutions for medical clinics, and developing software for companies and institutions. Switch Company provides Palestinian companies workable solutions through high quality Internet applications, using the latest hardware and software technology and talented designers and developers to meet customers’ expectations.


Dentex is a dentistry administration system which was designed specifically to meet the advanced and ever-changing needs in the dental sector.  It creates a unique platform to connect staff, doctors, suppliers, patients, and administrators in a single integrated environment.  The system increases the efficiency of the clinic management system and increases revenue by reducing operating costs by more than 30%. It also allows workers in this area to customize their services and focus on their patients.

On behalf of Bethlehem Bible College, we extend our warmest congratulations for our outstanding staff member, Joseph Hodali, on this wonderful achievement.