“So We Submit to Him and Carry On” Women’s Monthly Meeting at BBC

“So We Submit to Him and Carry On” Women’s Monthly Meeting at BBC

On Wednesday, October 5, women from across the Bethlehem area, arrived at Bethlehem Bible College’s campus to attend ‘A Pot in His Hand’  monthly meeting.

The meeting featured worship, led by Monica Zaytuna and Safa Bannoura and a powerful message led by a special guest, Catherine Shahwan. Catherine talked about the importance of total submission to God.  ‘A real  submission, the kind that is brave enough to cast all of our anxiety, our problems, our challenges and our fears on Him. As He is the one who promised to take care of us. A submission that is followed by  blessings, a steadfast peace, and overflowing joy. The kind of submission that does not necessarily mean a change in our challenging situations,  but one that despite all the difficulties and the challenges that we are experiencing, is willing to carry on! –shared Catherine.

Catherine also shared about her difficult experience with cancer, and how her life turned upside down the moment she was diagnosed. She also explained how God took her on a life-changing journey, through which she experienced the real meaning of total submission to God; the submission of her weak body, her children and family to God, who promised to take good care of them.

To conclude the night Madeline Sara encouraged everyone to trust God even when we are facing a storm in our lives. She then prayed for all the attendees along with Salwa Salman and Catherine Shahwan.

A Pot in His Hand” is a women’s ministry that seeks to counsel and guide women, it was founded by Madeline Sara, an educational specialist and a Christian counselor. The ministry provides a number of activities, including awareness and educational sessions, individual counseling, and monthly events. Do save the date for our upcoming monthly meeting on the 9th of November 2016.