"The Art of Dealing with People" This month’s event hosted by A Pot in His Hands Ministry

“A Pot in His Hand,” a counseling and guidance ministry at Bethlehem Bible College, held its monthly event entitled “The Art of Dealing with People,” at the college. Among those in attendance were women from the Bethlehem area.

The evening began with some praise music led by Sister Patricia Hashwa, and with Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, president of the college, playing the piano.

Afterward, Sister Madeline Sara, founder of the ministry, began her lecture presenting on issues of forming behavior, the impact of emotion and social intelligence on the human ability to communicate with the surrounding community, and the establishment of personal relationships in times of different social attitudes and problems. She also touched on matters that distort relations. She then encouraged the women to take practical steps through biblical teaching.

It is worth mentioning that A Pot in His Hand ministry is a counseling and guidance ministry for women, founded by Sister Madeline Sara, a guidance specialist and Christian counselor. The ministry provides a number of activities including awareness and educational sessions, individual counseling sessions, monthly educational lectures, and a seasonally produced magazine, which addresses several topics of interest to Palestinian women. The eighth edition of the magazine is expected to be issued on December 17, 2016.