Top Six Take-aways from 2016!

Top Six Take-aways from 2016!

Top Six Take-aways from 2016!

Kids’ Summer Camp “100 kids”

“Around the World in Seven Days!” was the name of our summer camp that took place in our new building last summer. We had one hundred Muslim and Christian children in attendance that all came to learn more about the world around us.

New Website Launching

The IT department worked alongside the Communications and Development department to launch the new website of BBC in both Arabic and English. Take a look here

Online Program “44 students”

On September 15, 2016, Bethlehem Bible College initiated its online program in Biblical Studies with forty-four Arab students! We have students from all around the world spanning from Egypt to Iraq, Gaza to Hong Kong and Germany to the United States! This is an incredible opportunity to influence both our local community, but also those beyond our own borders.

Third Annual Global Leadership Summit “185 participants”

For two days, last October, Bethlehem Bible College’s staff, students and faculty joined efforts and worked diligently to host, for the third time, the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in Bethlehem which drew more than 150 participants this time.

Christ at the Checkpoint 4: The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extremism “450 Participants”

Last March, 450 delegates from twenty-three nationalities, gathered in Bethlehem for Christ at the Checkpoint. Their aim, and that of the entire conference, was to understand the dangers of religious extremism, whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or any other, and to formulate a Christ-like response. The Conference was a huge success.

New Staff and Volunteers

The Lord has blessed us with more faithful, intelligent, and committed staff members and volunteers to join our growing family at BBC.

As for the coming year, we are ready! We pray it will be even more fruitful than the previous years. May the Lord use BBC to bless our community, our beloved Palestine and the world at large.