‘A Pot in His Hand’ Ministry Special Event: Emotional Intelligence

Bethlehem Bible College’s “A Pot in His Hand,” a counseling and guidance ministry for women, held its usual monthly event titled, “You and I Are Working to Change,” with the presence of women from the Bethlehem area.

The evening began with an activity where the audience was divided into three teams, and each team worked effectively focusing on expressing their inner emotions before starting the lecture.

Sister Madeline Sara, an expert in Christian counseling and guidance, focused on the subject of emotional intelligence, where she noted that emotional intelligence is not something we talk about frequently, but often affects the most important aspects of our lives; our relationships.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as a person’s ability to manage his emotions, express feelings at a given moment, and fully realize the underlying rationale of this feeling. At the same time, there are people who do not have the ability to specify a certain sense they are feeling, causing their feelings to flounder every day and every week, thus, having no ability to identify their emotions and thereby control them. 

She added that emotional intelligence is like any other intelligence, part of it is inherited, and part is acquired. The good news is that we all have the ability to change the level of our emotional intelligence. Unlike mental intelligence, emotional intelligence reconciles the mind and the heart, without the tyranny of one over the other.

Sister Madeleine emphasized the importance of our relationship with God in order to develop our emotional intelligence, as He is the basis of everything. He is the source of emotional intelligence. If God does not exist in our lives, we would not have the correct indicators of our wrong feelings towards people, and we would not have the indicators which urge us to a level of accountability with ourselves when we deal with these wrong feelings.

She concluded that the only solution to learn how to control our feelings is by sticking to the Lord and His Word, as it is the map that will lead us to the most important thing in our lives.

It is worth mentioning that our next “A Pot in His Hand” event will be on Wednesday 22/2/2017.