Meet One of Our Students: Suhad Lolas
“For I know the plans I have for you...”

We are bringing quality education and training to our students who go through deep and powerful transformation for the purpose of serving and encouraging others. We are always proud to see the transformation of our students, setting aside their old selves and becoming what they were born to be!

Our student this month is a wife, and a mother, Suhad Lolas is a second year Biblical Studies student whose life has been transformed a lot since she became a student.

I will let her tell you a bit about herself:

I have been married for twenty-one years. I have four girls ages twenty, seventeen, twelve, and eight. I got married very early; I was 17 years old.  I finished high school, and then immediately I got married. So, I got busy with my new house. After a while, I started taking some courses, such as computer and philosophy.”

 “I used to be a part of the women’s ministry at the Latin church in Beit Jala. We are a group of women who help people in need, visit charity ministries, pray together, clean the church, and arrange Christmas bazaars every year.”

A Student at Bethlehem Bible College

 “Since I was a little girl, I loved theology and anything that was related to it. I love the Bible, and I used to dig in and study it by myself, read chapters for my daughters, and meditate in it. My eldest daughter was part of the church choir and the youth group. She used to come back from church sharing things with me, and we used to discuss new things we learned together about the Bible.

“So, after my girls grew up, I started feeling a bit empty. I thought that now that I have more time for myself, why not study? I heard a lot about the Bible College from my brother who was a student there, so he encouraged me to go to BethBC. He told me about how they are like family there, and the great atmosphere it has. And so it was, I went and I applied for the Biblical Studies program. It was what I wanted my whole life: to study the Word of God. It wasn’t enough to study it by myself; I needed regular courses.”  

 In regards to managing her time between studying, the girls and the house, she says:

“It is a bit hard of course. But thanks to God, since I started studying, He has given me the power and determination. Sometimes at the end of the day, after a long day of courses, cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of my daughters, I become very tired and powerless; but the moment I hold my books and start reading and studying, I get my energy back immediately. It is God’s grace in my life. There are challenges, but thanks to the Lord I have full support from my husband and girls.”

Changing Lives

“When you study the Word of God more, you know Him more and more. You know what pleases Him and what doesn’t, and then you start comparing your old self with your new self, according to the teaching of the Bible. I can notice that a better me is coming to light after only one year at BethBC.”

 When I asked her about her relationship with the faculty of BethBC, she answered happily: “Miss Grace Al-Zoughbi is my favorite teacher. She is more than my teacher; she is my friend and mentor. She provides me the space where I can go talk, learn and feel comfortable. She is always available whenever I needed her. She is a real blessing to my life. I have a good relationship with my colleagues, too, especially Dima and Elham. We love each other, and we lift each other up in support of each other. My brother said it all when he told me that at BethBC we will feel at home!”

Ministries and Plans

“I’m part of the BethBC choir. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the other students and I lead worship in the weekly devotions we do with the students and staff of BethBC. I have a good voice, and I’m really glad that I’m using it for the glory of God.

 When I have time, I still go to the women’s meeting in my church. We go on a spiritual retreat sometimes. Nowadays, I’m really busy with my studies, house and girls, so I make sure that when I have time, I attend the meetings. When I will graduate, I really want to be part of a ministry.  I may continue with the women’s ministry or I may be part of the College’s ministry.”

Final Word

Paul said to his disciple Timothy, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”. I’m experiencing this verse now at BethBC. It is changing my life, my house, and my perspective on many important things in life. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me and my family through studying here at BethBC. Thank you, Bethlehem Bible College, for doing what you are doing for the glory of our Lord.”


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