"We Love to Serve"

BethBC students made this a Valentine’s Day where everyone was feeling the love! As they are preparing to go and serve in Jordan alongside Iraqi and Syrian refugees, they decided to coordinate a fun and creative way to raise funds that will be used to purchase food parcels, toys and other basic amenities for the refugees they will be visiting.

The students coordinated with the kitchen staff to offer a mid-morning breakfast for staff and faculty at the Bible College the morning of Valentine’s Day. To partake in breakfast, the students sold tickets for 20 shekels each, where the funds collected would go toward the before mentioned items that will be distributed to refugee families later this spring.
Most of the staff and faculty participated in the fundraiser, and it was a neat time to fellowship with one another during the work day. While we enjoyed the meal, I went to ask a few students why they decided to do this event to raise funds for the upcoming trip.
“We love to serve,” said Ala Khair, one of the students in charge of the event. Another added, “We are studying the Word, and we want to put it into practice.”
Indeed, you see the heart of our students in their consistent endeavor as they visit the refugee communities in Jordan several times a year. Their heart is contagious, and their creativity in finding ways to make ends meet is inspiring. Not only will the funds help to provide basic resources for the families, but the students will also be putting on a program for the children while they are there. BethBC students hope to bless the children in the camp with small gifts, toys and an arts/crafts session.
This Valentine’s day was full of fellowship, good food and seeking to implement the ways of Jesus in a tangible way to the refugees in Jordan. Our students captured the true essence of this holiday and have turned it into something that truly emanates Christ’s love.
If you’d like to be a part of helping contribute funds to this project of blessing the refugee communities in Jordan, click here. Be sure to mark the drop-down box “Refugee Aid” to denote that you want the money to be directed toward this initiative. Funds collected through the Shepherd Society, the charitable branch of Bethlehem Bible College, will go toward the upcoming trip with BethBC students to refugees in Jordan.
Be blessed as you, too, go and serve and live the Word in your communities!