Bringing Hope to Palestine Through Media

Bringing Hope to Palestine Through Media

Bringing Hope to Palestine Through Media

New Vision Media Center (NVMC) at Bethlehem Bible College organized its annual meeting with the active institutions in the Bethlehem Governorate.

The meeting’s main goal was to discuss the latest developments that require media treatment through the talk show, which the Center has been producing since 2005.

This program deals with social problems and discusses the suffering of women, children, the marginalized and the disabled.

The meeting came to identify the needs of service organizations and to discuss issues requiring media attention.

The Center responded to the expectations of the organizations and began to coordinate the implementation of the ideas in progress. The participants also expressed their gratitude for the Center’s performance and its effective role in the community, stressing the continuity of joint cooperation.

Our Media department is producing many Christian programs that are broadcasted on Christian satellite stations such as SAT7.

Today, the NVMC is a media center working primarily with digital video productions. It is a client-based center involved in producing TV shows, documentaries, promotional videos, films, fiction shows, personal shots announcements (PSAs), and designing and planning media campaigns.

Currently, the NVMC produces one-hour television programs discussing issues such as human rights, democracy, health, the environment and local initiatives that are broadcast every week on local and national satellite television, which are viewed throughout the Middle East.

Through the art of media, the NVMC aims to bring hope and encouragement to the Palestinian people.