Students are Back in the Campus for a Brand-New Semester!

Students are Back in the Campus for a Brand-New Semester!

Students are Back in the Campus for a Brand-New Semester!

This week life came back to our campus as we reunited with our old students and welcomed new ones. We had a special gathering during our weekly prayer meeting with the staff, faculty, leadership, and students. Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, President of the College, welcomed the old students back to their home, and greeted the new ones with the assurance that they are among their family. He prayed that this year will be a blessing in all areas for all the students – spiritually and academically.

Adham Al-Araj, a Biblical Studies student, started the meeting with a prayer. Then the chapel’s worship team (that includes students, graduates, and staff) led us in an amazing worship time.

Mrs. Shireen Hilal, the Dean of Students, welcomed the new students and new faculty, and asked Yousef Al-Khoury, a Biblical Studies graduate who is now a faculty member, to read a scripture. Shireen welcomed Yousef as a new faculty member, and pointed out that he used to be her student and is now her colleague. That’s what BethBC does – we build leaders and give them opportunities to be part of the team!

Shireen then asked everybody to write their goals for the new year on paper. Several people shared their goals: some said that they want to get good results in their studies, some talked about personal goals, and some spiritual ones.

Students expressed their joy as they returned to their second home. They are so happy and enthused as they start a new chapter, ready to learn new things, take new courses, and grow deeper with the Lord!

It was an amazing gathering, full of activities and good food for the body and soul. It is thrilling to have our students back in campus, as well as having new faces around!

Happy New Semester!