BethBC’s Students Around the World in Summer 2018!

BethBC’s Students Around the World in Summer 2018!

BethBC’s Students Around the World in Summer 2018!

Though our campus is empty of students and classrooms are quiet due to the summer vacation, our students are all over the world bringing peace and love from Bethlehem to the world! Many of our students have traveled within Palestine and outside the country to participate in summer camps and conferences.

Elias and Khader Handal, both Mass Media students, traveled for a whole month to Italy to participate in a Christian theological summer camp. They are still there at this moment, enjoying their time, getting to know more about different cultures and learning new things.

Four of our Biblical Studies students went to a discipleship conference that was held in Jenin, in northern Palestine, by Life Agape Ministry. The main goal of the conference was to be trained in Christian discipleship. Our students were trained by our very own faculty member Carlos Zelfo and his wife Jane who are both part of Life Agape.

Adham Al-Araj, a Biblical Studies student, is now between Italy and Germany for 3 weeks, visiting some youth groups in churches in both countries, praying and growing in faith with them.

Last but not least, Alfred and Alaa, both Biblical Studies students, participated in a full week conference in Italy where they had the opportunity to minister to refugees from Iraq and Syria. Read more about their experience as Alfred expresses it:

“I was in Italy last week, in a city named Sicily in Catania (southern Italy). I participated in a camp called Mission Camp through which I met many people from different nationalities and different languages in the world. Despite the differences, we were able, little by little, to know more about each other until we became close friends – even a family. We shared everything with each other, we joked together, we played, we danced, we sang, we laughed, we even got upset about things together. We ate together, and we shared experiences and stories; but the most important thing for me was praying together. We were one body in Christ, our foundation, through whom we built bridges instead of walls. The goal of the camp was not just to have a relaxing time and enjoy the city, but it had a spiritual goal through serving refugees by being by their side, accepting them, hearing their pain and understanding the difficult circumstances of their suffering, and listening to the horror and torture they encountered, which our minds sometimes could not comprehend.”

We are very proud of our students who never miss a chance to go and see the world and participate in events in order to grow and learn! We are looking forward to have them back again in our campus in couple of weeks!