Bethlehem Bible College Hosts Training for Christian Education High School Teachers

In cooperation with Bethlehem University, the College hosted lectures given by Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, our Academic Dean, and Mrs. Shireen Hilal for high school Christian education curriculum teachers.

We hosted 18 teachers from all over Palestine, many of whom are our graduates who teach Christian curriculum in high schools.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education decided last year to include the Christian education curriculum for 12th grade in the general secondary school exam Tawjihi starting this year.

The recognition of the curriculum of Christian education in the general secondary exam Tawjihi is the first of its kind, as the curriculum of the Muslim education has been there from the very beginning. This move, made by the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Sidam, represents Muslim-Christian coexistence in Palestine.

The Christian education book was written in partnership with and cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and representatives from churches in Palestine. The material has been reviewed from their religious field, and it is now ready to be taught to this year’s high school students!

At Bethlehem Bible College, we were very happy with this decision! Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac said that it is a very good move because the Muslim education curriculum has been certified since the beginning, and it is time to be equal with our Muslim brothers and sisters. The Ministry of Education has always wanted to add the Christian curriculum, but now it is happening due to all the efforts the churches exerted together to produce the material.

Our students were very happy with the decision. This is a big opportunity for them to find jobs when they graduate, as schools will now need more Christian education teachers than before.

Teachers were supposed to take some training on how to write the exams and how to form the questions. BethBC, in cooperation with Bethlehem University, hosted one of those workshops in our campus, and the second workshop given by Rev. Munther and Shireen as well will be held in Ramallah next week.