“Evidence of the Existence of God”: BethBC Youth Lecture

Our students organized a full-day event at our campus for youth, given by the lecturer Professor George Abdo from Nazareth. George gives many lectures on several subjects such as the existence of God, atheism, science and faith, the problem of evil, and the resurrection of Christ.

The event was well attended by around 70 youth from Bethlehem, Nazareth and Ramallah. They were all thirsty to learn and know more.

George gave two different lectures entitled:  “Why does God allow evil?” and “Evidence of the Existence of God.” Lectures were given from a logical, academic, and philosophical perspective.

After each lecture there were questions and answers where students had the chance to argue with George as well as ask him many important questions about the core of their faith.

George discussed four main topics that showed that God does exist, which are the cosmic argument, fine tuning, historical evidence of the resurrection of Christ, and personal testimony.

The event was successful, and the students did an amazing job organizing it. The attendees left the place happy with the new information they learned, and some of them said that they found answers for questions they have been searching for for their whole lives.  Some said that now they can discuss with anyone who would ask them about their faith, the existence of God or the resurrection.

This event was organized by the students as an outcome of one of their courses given by Dr. Madeline Sara. Our students were very happy with their achievement, and they said that they learned a lot from every word George shared. They were also very thankful for Dr. Madeline Sara, who helped them organize this event, and they are looking forward to the upcoming events they will be organizing.

We, as Bethlehem Bible College, are so proud of our students for planning these events for the benefit of themselves and the Christian community. We also thank George for giving us such an amazing lecture.

The lecture that was given by George Abdo in Arabic

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