BethBC Academic Dean Speaks at Mission Conference in Taiwan

Last month, Academic Dean Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac was in Taiwan to speak in a major evangelical students’ mission conference.

Rev. Isaac was the main speaker at the conference that was attended by 1,400 students. He gave four main speeches, entitled:

  1. “The Kingdom of God: Here and Now, But Not as Expected”
  2. “The Sermon on the Mount: Beatitudes as Kingdom Constitution”
  3. “Who is My Neighbor? Our Challenge to Break Down Walls that Separate”
  4. Our Faithful Witness and Hope: Daniel and His Three Friends”

About his speeches, Rev. Isaac said: “I spoke from my understanding of the kingdom of God as a rival to Empire and religious institutions, and highlighted our experience in Bethlehem from behind the wall.  I underlined concepts like peacemaking, justice, kingdom vs. Empire, sacrificial love, faithfulness, discipleship, and above all, love. These ideas resonated with many there, especially those who were looking for examples of connecting faith with reality.”

About his experience, he added: “I left Taiwan, but Taiwan and the Taiwanese people will always be with me! I was blessed and learned a lot there. I was touched by their passion for the kingdom of God in their context. I was struck by the similarities of our struggle to make sense of our faith in the public square and make an impact in our societies. I was touched by their kindness and humility. I left Taiwan with a renewed sense of hope, and more committed to the work of the kingdom, peace and justice in Bethlehem, Palestine, and around the world.”