Our Students’ Challenges in Studying Online During Lockdown

Our Students’ Challenges in Studying Online During Lockdown

Our Students’ Challenges in Studying Online During Lockdown

Coronavirus is a pandemic that affected the whole world, and we at Bethlehem Bible College certainly got our share. We were affected financially and academically. Our campus was closed for almost two months, and students are still not allowed to come back. Courses were presented online, exams and projects as well. Even our 4th-year students were working on their graduation seminar projects online through Zoom.

Some of our students shared about the challenges they faced during this time while studying from their houses:

Elham Nissan, a Biblical Studies student:

“I’d say that my online learning experience throughout the pandemic period was good. Although the circumstances did not allow us to maintain our normal daily lives, I successfully managed to pursue my educational goal, accomplishing the desired achievements.

“Although distance learning does not allow students to interact face-to-face with the lecturer, which is essential, with a little determination and insistence, we managed to transform the awful circumstances into motivational ones.”


Suhad Lolas, a Biblical Studies student:

“As a mother and a housewife, studying through Zoom was challenging because, in order to focus on the lecture, I had to be free and ready. Yet I’m so grateful for this platform because, through it, students and faculty could meet together despite the hardships that were surrounding us. Through it, we managed to finish all of our assignments, exams, and projects.

“Online courses gave me a challenge and determination to keep going and finish my final semester with great success.”


Mais Jaraiseh, a Biblical Studies student:

“It was a tough and exhausting period for me. First of all, the situation, in general, was scary and unpredictable, and having to study in such circumstances was overwhelming.

“Studying online is so much different than real lectures. It was hard for me to understand and get the real point from anything that was being taught, but it was the only thing our faculty and college could do. And it was a successful period as we all overcame together.” 


Raneen Qumsieh, a Biblical Studies student:

“Studying online was a new experience for me. It was tough to focus during the online lectures, but I had no choice.

“I’m a 4th-year student, and I had to work on my seminar project during the quarantine, and that was my biggest challenge because I needed to contact face-to-face with my teachers to understand well. I took it as a new challenge and new experience, and I made it through.”